September Specials

New Season….New You!

Do You Need Hair Rehab??? 

Has Summer taken it’s toll on your hair?
Do you have Limp, Dry, Frizzy, Oily, Fading Hair?
We Can Help!
Infuse your hair with moisture,
shine & manageability
with one of our specialty treatments.  

Ask Your Stylist which best suits your hair needs.

Silkening, Hydration, Smoothing, Detoxifying, Split Ends.

**New** Shimmer Shine

Only $15 with any hair service

Keratin Special!

Take Control of Your Curls, Your Frizz & Your Time! With A Keratin Treatment or Keratin Blow Out.

Smooth and Silky…easy to manage.

$50 off a Keratin ~ $25 off a Keratin Blow Out


Styling Tip

Gently towel-dry your hair by patting moisture out, being careful not to rub your hair with the towel — this will create frizz. Next, roughly dry just the ends of your hair until it is only slightly damp. Divide hair into manageable sections. Using a round brush, lift hair at the roots and pull taught to stretch the sectioned hair smooth as you direct your dryer from the roots down the hair shaft to the ends of your hair. Spin the brush over or under when you reach the ends to seal the cuticle for a polished shine. Continue until all sections are smooth and straight. Finish by rubbing a small amount of shine serum like Aveda Brilliant Finishing Gloss or Spray on Shine  through your hair for a smooth finished look.


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